Alex Ubatuba

Alex has been developing the base of his techniques for glass art since 2000. Over the years, Alex has studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, Corning Museum, Penland School of Crafts, and the Pittsburgh Center of Glass. In addition to the formal classes at these schools, Alex has traveled around the country learning from various skilled artists through collaboration. Alex has displayed his work at various local art fairs and festivals and has recently been invited to show at Art Basel, Art Prize, Burning Man, Illuzion Glass Gallery (solo work release), and internationally at several galleries in Costa Rica.

Currently Alex is developing a new body of work with the Living Light Sculptures. Inspired by bioluminescent organisms, the extraterrestrial nature of the work evokes a calming and meditative environment. The process is dangerous, laborious, and extremely technical. There is a lack of collective knowledge around assembling boroscillicate glass on this scale, which causes the process to be unpredictable. Alex chooses to frost the finished pieces to enhance the glass’s amazing ability to diffuse light. The pieces are lit from within by LED lights that are programmable and have a wide spectrum of color palettes and patterns. Displays can be custom built to accommodate and accentuate any space.