NoMe Edonna is a self-taught artist from California, working primarily in paint and mixed media. Through regular use of recycled/found objects, as well as traditional materials, he has created an eclectic body of work strung together by strong social, political and spiritual visions. From his smooth biomorphic ‘machines’ and figurative abstractions to war-torn supermodels or collage-paintings drenched in cultural irony, NoMe’s work is not easily categorized.

As he puts it, “my works are a direct reflection of countless influences mixed with a perpetual impulse for experimentation and renewal. All of it, a byproduct of urban life in a rapidly-changing world, in which the lines between nature and technology become more blurred each day and the questions of adaptation and survival face the world as never before. With these observations in mind, my intention is to evoke new ways of experiencing the world in and around us, through the constant alteration and reinterpretation of visual language.”

Since first exhibiting in 1999, NoMe’s work has been collected and shown internationally, from street to museum and has been featured in numerous print and web publications. He’s held artist residencies at San Francisco’s RECOLOGY, and School Of The Arts high school, where he’s taught since 2006.

As a member of the genre-bending Furtherrr Collective, NoMe continues to push the boundaries of visual exploration and collaboration, from the cultural labyrinth of San Francisco.


All of Nome Edonna’s available artwork can be purchased through The Chambers Project Artsy Page