Luna Rienne Gallery and Furtherrr are pleased to present Coalescence, a two-man show by artists Justin Lovato and Sebastian Wahl.

Coalescence brings together the psychedelic styles of New York-based collage artist Sebastian Wahl and Grass Valley/San Francisco landscape painter Justin Lovato. Curated by collector Brian Chambers (Furtherrr), this exhibition of multi-dimensional urban mandalas and op-art natural settings evolves the contemporary visionary genre established by artists Mario Martinez, Damon Soule, Oliver Vernon, and David Choong Lee.

Sebastian Wahl, a Swedish artist residing in New York, combines traditional, labor-intensive collage with digital processes to create multi-layered, concentric resin compositions. His source material has been collected and cataloged for over 20 years, including images from all walks of life, pop culture, and religious iconography. Inspired by sacred geometry and shamanic visions, then enabled by an X-acto knife, glue, and resin, Wahl builds dimensional, psychedelic landscapes of mandalic, spiritual mayhem.

Justin Lovato is a California-based artist whose abstract, op-art landscapes reflect his perception of beauty in nature. Working under the influence of the purest art forms found in nature, and the realization that micro and macro exist simultaneously, he strives towards a theory of chromatic vibration. Contrasting multi-dimensional patterns with surreal landscapes and strange, abstract forms, his geometric paintings represent an ecstatic state of stimulation and inspiration.

Coalescence will be on exhibit from November 14 to December 7, 2015 at Luna Rienne Gallery, 3318 22nd Street near Valencia in San Francisco. Luna Rienne features visual artists working in contemporary mediums who integrate elements of urban culture with traditional techniques.

The opening was be held on Saturday, November 14, from 6PM until 9PM.