MEAR ONE “A Midsummer Night’s Trip”

27.5″ x 39″ Limited Edition Silkscreen Available Now!

The Chambers Project and Fluorescent Smogg have teamed up to release the latest work from legendary West Coast artist MEAR ONE. This astonishing 10 color screen print of A Midsummer Night’s Trip is truly a sight to behold.

The work is full of MEAR’s signature style; geometric shapes, magical orbs, mythical beings and hallucinatory figures all interact seamlessly with the natural world, a moonlight forest scene. It pops with color and detail and draws the viewer in, encouraging you to pick apart and decipher it’s many messages. The deeper you look the more will be revealed.

The standard edition of 100 comes signed and numbered by MEAR ONE. The 25 Special Editions are signed, numbered and individually hand finished by the artist, making each print one-of-a-kind!

Speaking about how the piece has translated to the screen printing process MEAR ONE says:

“A MidSummer Night’s Trip is my newest painting completed earlier this year. This silkscreen reproduction of my original work is truly amazing, I’ve never seen a screen print interpret a painting so accurately and clean. Screen printing can be very complicated to achieve the look that a painting can translate and this beautiful new print from Fluorescent Smogg goes above and beyond what has until now been representative of this classic art form. As our UK print partners have stated, the real genius is in the separations and the continuous color proofing of the print which has absolutely paid off, employing an artworking technique that’s more complex yet has the ability to create secondary and even tertiary colors to achieve the finest halftone gradients to date. My desire was to move the viewer to feel the intensity, depth, freedom and flow of the psychedelic journey that I have loved exploring, a magic I believe they were able to capture and convey in infinite proportions.”

Proof Process

MEAR ONE signing

One of the 25 hand finished Special Editions

Enjoy this virtual gallery of “A Midsummer Night’s Trip” provided by Fluorescent Smogg.

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