A Path Untold

The Chambers Project is proud to announce the inaugural release on the label, A Path Untold’s, new album “Sourcery” on Feb. 22nd, 2022. The highly anticipated 10-track album is a richly diverse, deeply melodic, bass-heavy excursion through otherworldly territories, unifying a vast array of genre influences with a captivating, cinematic aesthetic. To set the stage for the full album, the lead single “Heart Matters,” will be released on Feb. 11th, 2022, as a way to build excitement and awareness.

Featuring iconic artwork created by painter Miles Toland, the album centers on themes of infinity, unity, duality, boundless consciousness exploration and creative ritual.

“Sourcery” is the third full length album by A Path Untold, aka producer/composer Daniel Merrill, who has been creating and releasing under the moniker since 2015. It is the most ambitious, intricate and intentional record he’s created so far. In relation to past works, it is ever more evocative and far-reaching in it’s scope, resulting in a progression of songs designed to transform the dancefloor into sacred space and back again, while providing an evolving, enthralling ride that facilitates as much of an inner journey as listeners want to take.

The album draws on genre elements from future garage, deep/slow house, ambient downtempo, medicine music and a variety of multicultural flavors. These elements, as a sonic lexicon, serve to build and explore a deeply moody, symphonic, emotional world, filled with a sense of mysterious enchantment, spirits and the eternal relationship of opposites.

The full album “Sourcery” is out now in high quality digital format, with a deluxe Gatefold 2xLP vinyl package with extended artwork by Miles Toland available this summer. Please check back for updates on the vinyl package, as we’re still dealing with Covid-affected supply chain issues.