Sebastian Wahl has made it his mission in life to take collage to new and uncharted territories. Wahl’s work encompasses everything from psychedelic landscapes to iconic, mandalic and spiritual surrealism. His attention to detail and sense of symmetry, balance and color bring all the elements included in his pieces together to create countless harmonious mirages. Wahl fell in love with collage in 1995 and has since been fully committed to the medium. In 2006 he started using resin in his work. He was looking for a challenge and for a way to elevate his process and he found it. Wahl spent the next couple of years perfecting this dynamic approach to his craft and in 2009 he had his first solo exhibition in New York City with these three-dimensional collages.

When working this way Wahl places cut images and papers on a hardened layer of clear resin before pouring a successive layer on top. This process is repeated as many as fifteen times in a single collage, yielding artworks that are essentially collage time capsules measuring up to one inch in depth. This layering technique is very important since it gives Wahl’s collages a unique edge and spotlights the artist’s skill and dedication to his craft. The actual shadows cast between the individual layers create a sense of curiosity and wonder, drawing one in to explore the work more intimately. Sebastian Wahl lives and works in New York City.