The Chambers Project is the world’s leading psychedelic art gallery representing the most influential contemporary artists in psychedelic culture, holding long standing relationships with the likes of Ralph Steadman, Roger Dean, the Rick Griffin Estate, Oliver Vernon and Mars 1. Deeply immersed in the psychedelic scene since the mid nineties, owner/curator Brian Chambers has dedicated his life’s work to connecting the dots between art and the psychedelic state, culminating in the opening of his most recent gallery space in Grass Valley, California.

The Chambers Project has spent the last two decades developing a modern program of world renowned artists and sculptors, curating monumental solo and group exhibitions that consistently push mediums and pioneer the future of psychedelic art. Concurrently, Chambers has been committed to honoring the godfathers of the psychedelic scene, curating powerful retrospectives that bridge the gap between this once countercultural phenomenon and the progressively integrated contemporary mainstream.