The Chambers Project began with the intention of making contemporary psychedelic art accessible in Nevada County. Since we opened the doors in 2018, we have presented the community with a spectrum of cutting-edge, surreal, and abstract fine art. The Chambers Project’s permanent location in Nevada City has gathered momentum, regularly packing its shows with enthusiastic viewers and steadily selling paintings and sculptures. We are excited to continue our support for the extraordinary zeitgeist of creative talent in California and beyond.

Brian Chambers has collected nearly everything at some point in his life: baseball cards, rock posters, even Smurfs. But his main obsession arose when in 1995, he encountered the mind-bending artwork of Ralph Steadman and Rick Griffin.

As his knowledge of art grew, Chambers developed strong relationships in Northern California with an emerging network of innovators in abstract, surreal, and psychedelic styles like Oliver Vernon and Mars-1. Commissioning sculptures and collaborative paintings became part of Chamber’s dealing, curating, and collecting wheelhouse. He and his dedicated team created The Chambers Project with the philosophy that great relationships foster great art.