Candace Thatcher


June 11, 2022

627 E Main St,
Grass Valley, CA 95945

The Chambers Project Announces The Opening of Candace Thatcher’s “ARCHIVE SCAN SERIES” 


The Chambers Project is pleased to announce its first female solo show since opening its doors. Candace Thatcher is a Nevada City-based artist whose practice includes new media, drawing, painting, and digital manipulations, which involves painting, scanning and appropriating a pre-existing image, and painting the data. She is interested in the dematerialization of artwork and archiving images with 3d software, making coded imagery by painting the topographical read.

The entire body of work is a reflection on how the human nervous system is attached to screens and devices and how they are changing our behavior. Thatcher says in our contemporary technological landscape, we tend to process imagery at a frenetic speed as we scroll through images on social media.

A native of Grass Valley, Thatcher’s process involves scanning images that are loaded on image-based platforms online into a bump map in a 3D environment. Bump mapping is a technique in computer graphics that stimulates texture onto an object.