Savage Journey – The American Dream Edition

From Hunter Thompson’s cult classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, one of the most iconic images in the novel is Savage Journey. Ralph has collaborated with Brian Chambers to create this extraordinary, limited edition, screen print. The edition of 150 have all been signed and numbered in red ink and embellished with his trademark flourish, the splat, in Ultramarine Blue. Each is a unique piece in its own right.

They are produced by Kentucky based, Master Printer, Joe Petro III who has collaborated for decades with Ralph on his screen prints including the Hunter Memorial print, Vintage Dr Gonzo, The Sherriff and most recently, Leaving Kinshasa.

Edition of 150

One color silkscreen

30 x 42 inches on white Coventry 290 Gram paper.

Signed in red ink and splattered in ultramarine blue.